2007 Horsch Sprinter 8 ST


Boccasion Ltd Verified

Contact: Mr Olivier Bocquillon

01673 885200

Newtoft Business Park, Newtoft, Lincolnshire, LN8 3WA
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Width 8m


Horsch Sprinter 8 ST8m  tines drill,2007 front tyres packer,23 seeding tines (wet weather kit)Bourgault points,23 press wheels,Pre-emergence tramlining kit,Seed loading auger kit,Bout markers kit,Seed blockage sensor kit,Isobus connectionVery genuine for year. En français: Horsch Sprinter 8 ST8m  semoir a dents,2007Packer avant sur toute la largeur23  dents semeuse (kit terre humide)Bourgault pointes,23 roues de rappuis,Kit jalonneurs de pre et post levee,Kit visse chargement de semence,Kit traceurs hydraulique,Kit controleur de semis,Isobus connectionVery propre pour l annee..

This classified advert is for a 2007 Horsch Sprinter 8 ST Drill is for sale. The Drill is for sale with Boccasion Ltd who are based in Newtoft, Lincolnshire. Boccasion Ltd has 534 other listings available. The asking price for this 2007 Horsch Sprinter 8 ST is POA . Yello Trader provides farm machinery adverts, specifications, prices, photos, listing description or any other supporting materials to the adverts for information purposes only, on an 'as is' basis as supplied to us and accept no liability for any errors or omissions.


2007 Horsch Sprinter 8 ST Drill for sale in Newtoft, Lincolnshire.